Lie-Nielsen Palm Plane Model Makers No. 100, convex sole

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Convex Sole Block Plane

Questa deliziosa piccola pialletta ad angolo basso e suola convessa, si adatta perfettamente al palmo della mano ed è molto facile da usare. Ideale per tutti i lavori di svuotamento, per sedili di sedie, modanature, modellismo, ecc. Il raggio sulla larghezza della suola è di 7,62 cm, nella lunghezza è di 68,58 cm.

Lunghezza 11,11 cm per 3,17 cm di larghezza. Lama 2,22 cm di larghezza per 3,17 mm di spessore. Corpo in ghisa sferoidale, lever cap in bronzo. Peso 210 g.

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The Convex Sole Palm Plane is a miniature workhorse that will do a great job of hollowing chair seats and shaping other concave work. Plane is 4-7/8 inches long and 1-1/4 inches wide. Weight is 8.8 oz.

Geometry: The sole has a radius of 3" from side to side, and 27" from front to back.
Blade is 7/8 inch wide and 1/8 inch thick. It has a radius of 7/8 inches, and sits in the body at 20°, bevel up.
The radius on the mouth is 13/16 inch. The smaller blade radius of 7/8 inches means that the corners of the blade will not protrude from the mouth when set for a medium or fine shaving.

Blade Sharpening: The blade comes ready to use. Additional honing will improve performance.
For honing: One method is to plane a groove in softwood with the blade set for a coarse cut. Charge the resulting groove with honing compound and hone the blade by pulling backwards through the groove. Another method is to shape a groove in a spare or broken waterstone with a 7/8 inch dowel wrapped with coarse (60-100 grit) sandpaper. Hone the blade by pulling through the groove.
For grinding: Re-grind as necessary, following the original bevel angle and radius as closely as possible. Marking the bevel with a felt marker will help you see what you are doing.

Blade Adjustment: Slightly loosen the pressure of the cap and advance or retract the blade. Tighten the thumbscrew.

Materials: Fully stress-relieved Ductile Iron body. Manganese Bronze cap. The blade is A-2 Tool Steel hardened to Rockwell 60-62, cryogenically treated and double tempered. Our heat treating technique ensures that the blade will take and hold a very fine edge for a long time. After heat treating, the blade is fully surface ground on the top, back, and cutting edge, giving a smooth, flat surface that will take a mirror finish very quickly. The 1/8 inch thickness provides solid, chatter-free cutting.

Maintenance: You should oil and wrap your tool after each use. We recommend Camellia Oil, a vegetable oil based product. It is non-toxic, odor-free and easy to use. Also, in our shop, we use a fine abrasive handblock to remove any light surface oxide from tool bodies and blades. Camellia Oil and the abrasive handblock are available from us.

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